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Q: How much is your service?
A: We offer several options, which include packages as low as $99 per month.


Q: Why is your service so much more affordable than others?
A: Most reputation management firms charge upfront fees in the thousands. RepuationGhost charges a flat monthly fee. We base our prices off of industry data which points to how much actual time is required on an average client’s account, instead of basing it on the monetary value to the client. Further our technology oriented proprietary techniques help us accomplish our goals and those of our clients with more precision.


Q: How long do we pay the monthly installment?
A: We encourage our clients to continue the per month service for approximately 6 months, or more if they so choose. Even upon our service becoming successful in the displacement of negative links, there is always a risk that new links can appear over time. This is why we generally suggest that continuing with our service, by allowing us to shift gears and begin ensuring that our successes continue to be realized for years to come. Of course that being said, our clients always retain the option of discontinuing service at any time.


Q: How do you accept payments?
A: We accept payments via all major credit cards. We also accept payment by checking account as well. If you choose to pay via check, please ensure that you ask your represitive about the savings related to choosing this payment method.


Q: Will your service bury negative links like Rip Off Reports and ComplaintsBoard?
A: Yes our service will in most cases bury negative link. By utilizing our service you will see positive results and a positive change in search results. That being said, no one can guarantee the exact outcome of any search engine advancement campaign. Even Google warns of dealing with companies which offer “Too good to be true” promises. When it comes to guaranteeing that a specific bad link will be surpressed, we do not guarantee how deep it will go or how long it will take. Unlike other “Reputation Companies” we do not offer blatantly baseless guarantees, but instead aggressive, no commitment solutions are our approach. In some instances it is possible to deal with an issue more quickly and some companies will charge you $3500 plus to complete this, the problem however lies in the fact that this is a dangerously temporary fix. Our service has been designed to provide a permanent solution delivered while following Google’s webmaster guidelines and continuously evolving search algorithms.


Q: How long does it take for bad links like rip off report to be buried?
A: We always attempt to be as transparent as possible in our timeframe quotes and estimations. In all but the most difficult situations, 6 months is generally enough time in which to greatly alter search results in a way in which totally favors our clients. In some instances a sole month of service will be sufficient; in others we have seen the need for up to 12 months of service.  There are many variables that play a factor is this question. If you have questions specific to your issues, please feel free to contact us anytime.


Q: Will your service DELETE/Permanently remove negative content from web?
A: Most websites that have negative content on them about businesses and individuals are protected by the law which states that they are not responsible for content posted to their website by a 3rd party. In most cases it is impossible to make a website owner delete content. We will attempt to have this done if we feel there is a chance of removal. Our service goal is to hide the negative information so people do not find it when they search your name on Google and other search sites.


Q: What type of content do you use when building pages and sites about me/us?
A: You control what type of content we use. We like to use basic company information in the form of a profile or a BIO. We usually use the “About Us” style text from your website. For individuals we use a BIO style format and/or generic content. We can use promotional type content for your campaign as well to help generate you more business.


Q: How long have you been in business?
A: The ReputationGhost team has been working together for over 8 years in the Online Reputation, SEO and SEM industries.


Q: Can people comment on the content you create about me?
A: Most of the information we publish online is “Comment Closed” so no one can add a comment to the page. If comments are allowed they are moderated so nothing negative will show up.


Q: Do you have references I can speak with?
A: We do not share client information with anyone and have a strict privacy policy in place to protect our clients. Our clients pay us to help hide negative information and it would be unprofessional to share their issues with you. However, this is also the case with all leading reputation firms.


Q: Are you affiliated with any other Reputation Management Companies?
A: No, we are not affiliated with any other reputation management companies. We do however often perform the backend work for a several other reputation management firms.


Q: Is your service spamming search engines?
A: No we do not spam the search engines. We follow Google’s webmaster guidelines and use accepted and proven techniques to build and repair your online reputation. We take great care to never spam search engines or use questionable techniques that may get you banned from Google.


Q: Do I get log-ins to the content or profiles you make?
A: Yes. We will email a spreadsheet with links & log-ins to all of the social profiles we create for you. You will be able to log-in and actively use the profiles or edit the content.


Q: How do I sign-up with your service?
A: Getting started with us is easy. Simply click on sign-up and complete the information form. You will then be taken to the payment options page where you can insert your billing details. After receiving your information we will contact you VIA email or phone to immediately launch your campaign.